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QR Codes for the Win!

What is a QR code?

A QR code helps businesses link the physical world to the cyber world and market their products and services. Using Smartphone technology, people can scan a special QR (Quick Response) code and have their telephone connect to a web address, download an MP3 file, dial a telephone number or prompt the email client with a sender address almost instantaneously.

Who uses mobile marketing?

Any company selling a product or service can benefit from mobile marketing. Companies use it to extend their packaging. Consumers can access additional information about products through their mobile phone by scanning the QR code. It can be used to deliver content and purchase information. Some companies use mobile marketing to both capture and redeem coupons and discounts.

Mobile marketing is two-way. Using mobile devices, consumers can not only respond to offers but also request specific types of information of interest (for example offers related to a brand or a category) as well as sharing information with their peers.

What do I need to get started in mobile marketing?

Consumers need to have a mobile telephone that has a web browser and a camera. The consumer can download a QR code reader application in order to scan and read the QR code. Chatham Print & Design can supply you with the actual QR code to put on your material.

The next thing you need is a mobile-friendly website that will help your clients find what they need. This is a stripped down version of your desktop site, showing information in a format designed for small mobile screens. Graphics are minimized for quicker viewing and information like hours, directions and phone numbers are prominent. Chatham Web Solutions (a division of Chatham Print & Design) can help you with this, whether integrated into a full site created by us or running in conjunction with a site you already have.

CP&D recommends starting now!

We recommend that our clients start using QR codes now. Companies using the QR codes will have a competitive advantage as mobile marketing grows. Younger, upscale consumers are already discovering mobile marketing, and you don't want to be left behind.

If you would like a demonstration on how mobile marketing can work for your company, give us a call at 973-635-1880 or email We can show you how you can combine printing and the Internet to create a marketing solution to help you increase your sales and online visibility.

Get a QR Code Reader for your smartphone

For iPhone & Android Users:
Click Here

For Windows Phone 7 Users:
Download the QR Reader app from the Windows Marketplace